REVMATOL® tablets / For strong cartilage and flexible joints Dietary product / food supplement


OXYTARM® / Clean intestines - better life / Dietary supplement with magnesium, vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoid

OXYTARM® ENZYMES/WITH ENZYMES, MAGNESIUM AND GOOD BACTERIA Enzymes from 28 types of fruits and vegetables More than just a probiotic

OSTEOSYL D3® tabletes/Prevents degradation and increases bone density Dietary product/food supplement

NATABIOL® tabletes/Optimal formula for mother and baby before and during pregnancy and breastfeeding Dietary product/food supplement

MEMObiol soft capsules/Triple action: memory, concentration and brain function

HEMATOFEROL/The optimal formula for iron compensation Dietary product/food supplement

30 Days Plus WAISTLINE/Loss of adipose tissue in the waist area/Weight loss/Strengthening immunity