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“VITALIJEK” Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company based in Tuzla that deals with the representation and distribution of pharmaceutical products. An experienced team of highly educated professionals ensures the highest level of business and serious customer care. We represent the Norwegian company Med-Eq with a wide range of dietary products with its own institute for research and development of formulations that are far ahead of the competition in terms of their quality of effect on the human body, as well as the Norwegian company Immitec and the Italian company Shedir Pharma. In addition to the administrative space in which the company’s management is located, we also have our own storage space with ideal air conditioning conditions in accordance with the principles of “Good storage practice”.

The various sections of our website are tailored to you in order to bring you closer to our products, their composition, purpose and mechanism of action. You can also find useful videos, links and contact our Masters of Pharmacy for help with professionally selecting your ideal product and the way and length of its use.


Our main responsibility is towards the consumers of our products and the employees of the health system with whom we improve the health of the population in cooperation. In this regard, our current and long-term vision is to distribute high quality products of improved formulations manufactured by proven and certified world-renowned manufacturers and to adjust prices to the regional standard, even when it reduces our profits


  • Our greatest value is professional and experienced staff
  • We are creating an efficient distribution network in the entire territory of BiH
  • We distribute high quality pharmaceutical products manufactured in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice


We are representatives of the Norwegian companies Med-Eq and Immitec, as well as the Italian company Shedir Pharma and we offer you a wide range of diet products.


Here you can contact our professional staff and masters of pharmacy, to get information and help with choosing the ideal product that will have the best effect on your body and thus eliminate your health problem.




Feel free to contact us because we are here for you! Your Vitalijek



Here you can view and download educational brochures about our products